Hi all,

this is the history regarding my homepage, maybe only interessting for me.

kind regards

Armin the admin.

18.05.2013 Migration completed.

02.03.2013 Ongoing migration, Joomla mysql Database survived

01.03.2013 Remaining joomla Frontend destroyed unattended

11.07.2012 Start migration to WordPress

10.07.2012 Bye bye Joomla, upgrades are too complicated

12.11.2011 New Tmplate

01.11.2011 Upgrade to Joomla 1-7

29.12.2010 New Guestbook, Joomla Component

31.12.08 New Homepage online Joomla with the Namibia -Template

26.10.08 Frist Steps in Joomla

23.05.08 First steps in PHP and mySQL

22.05.08 Search inside ao62.de now available ;-)

13.05.08 The english version is now released in the “frameless brainless :-) Edition. This work was “Made in Thailand”

03.01.08 New Homepage released “frameless brainless :-) Edition

28.12. 07 New Guestbook released. –> RicarGBooK 1.2.2

01.10.07 First Steps with phpwiki

01.09.07 First Steps in WordPress german Version

26.06.07 Move to goneo.de webserver, server-side apps available now

01.08.06 New Domain  ao62.de

01.11.04 Own Domain bajoy.de hosted by 1&1

ca. 2000 Frist Homepage armino.eplus-online.de

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